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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

About Shannon Glover

Shannon Glover is a native of Evergreen, Colorado, where she developed a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and outdoor activities that the state has to offer. Growing up surrounded by the stunning Colorado wilderness, Shannon spent her days exploring the forests, camping, and trying her luck at fishing. She also embraced the winter months by skiing and tracking wildlife, particularly elk. One of the aspects Shannon loves most about her hometown is the warm and welcoming community. Evergreen residents always greet each other with smiles, and Shannon believes in the power of a simple smile to brighten someone’s day. This belief has stayed with her throughout her life, and she strives to share kindness wherever she goes, understanding the far-reaching impact of such gestures.

Why Choose Trailstone Insurance?

  • You will be treated just as we would want to be treated.
  • Providing you with excellent service is our commitment to you, in all we do.
  • You are our most valuable asset.
  • We’re your Ramsey Trusted pro in multiple states.
  • Over 40 financially strong “A” Rated insurance carriers.
  • As an independent insurance Agency, we work for you… not the insurance company.
  • Self-Service technology is available for you if preferred.
  • Personal, commercial, and life insurance solutions in one place