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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

About Grant Leach

I was born and raised in southern California, with a loving and supportive family. After graduating high school, I had a strong connection to music; I had already picked up the drums when I was young, then bagpipes and guitar, and have since spread my knowledge to piano and others! I became a professional musician, playing in an alternative rock band called Final Take where I would go on to play many gigs and pursue my dreams with some of my closest friends.

I have seen much loss over my young life, losing my mom when I was only 18 years old, my dad when I was 26, and all my grandparents by the age of only 28! I have seen how precious life is and know how important it is to cherish it while we are here. I have since received countless blessings and now want to give back to others in my life and Trailstone Insurance has given me a chance to do just that! After losing my dad to pancreatic cancer in 2020, my wife and I decided to move to Southern Oregon where my dad always had made us feel at home. We haven’t looked back since! We love our forest and with our 4 dogs, 12 chickens, a parrot, and a frog, we are writing our new story one day at a time!

Why Choose Trailstone Insurance?

  • You will be treated just as we would want to be treated.
  • Providing you with excellent service is our commitment to you, in all we do.
  • You are our most valuable asset.
  • We’re your Ramsey Trusted pro in multiple states.
  • Over 40 financially strong “A” Rated insurance carriers.
  • As an independent insurance Agency, we work for you… not the insurance company.
  • Self-Service technology is available for you if preferred.
  • Personal, commercial, and life insurance solutions in one place.